Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good for the Grain


Well as most of you know I'm trying to influence the beauty blogger world into going green/ organic now I must admit I am not doing the best of the best job but I am working on it lol

I first started with my diet which was putting myself on a very strike diet

No fried foods

NO beef

No pork

No sodas and cutting my eating down which means I have to portion my food

So far I have lost about 7lbs. in the last month

Some of the foods that I have been eating that are more on the organic side are products from the Kashi food brand and Natural Valley foods.

This is the best cereal from the band to me ... it kind of reminds me of the cereal smacks! just with almonds its really good 2thumbs up

These granola bars are actually pretty good

So this is how my day goes

Breakfast I eat either oatmeal or the Kashi cereal

If I get hungry before lunch {which most of the time I do} I eat a Natural Valley granola bar or some apple sauce

For Lunch most of the time I am limited to food at work {waffle house} so I eat a grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread or a chicken sandwich on wheat bread with some steamed hash browns

For dinner I eat grilled chicken with some type of vegetable and pasta and if I am short for time I cook on top of the stove I saute it in some olive oil with some lemon pepper seasoning or something like that it doesn't sound good but its really great

Now I must admit I don't do this everyday! I cheat because I get tempted but for the most part I am sticking to it

But food isn't the only good part to a diet you also have to work out

At night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning I do a set of 50 crunches

when I come home from work I do a workout dvd or go run around my neighborhood

I encourage all my fellow beauty bloggers to try this is out it may do your body good


♥ Ke'


♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Damn, you must have some discipline!!! I'm sitting here noshing on some Starbursts

Ke said...

Girl its hard but I jus look forwatd to the out come and the finished product .... but you should try it girl

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