Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lavender Soap


As you all know that I am so into going green and being organic and what not so anyways my friend brought me some LAVENDER SOAP and I almost immediately fell in love with the soap

The only dislike that I had about the soap is that it leaves your skin kinda waxy like but that is because it has your pores so tight and peels away your dead skin

So I browsed along and found a recipe to make our own lavendar soap

Easy Lavender Soap
10 tablespoons finely grated castille soap 8 tablespoons boiling water 2 tablespoons crushed dried lavender flowers 4 drops lavender oil
Melt the soap in the water in a bowl placed over a saucepan of hot water, stirring frequently, until smooth.
Crush the flowers to a powder and take the bowl off the saucepan. Stir the flowers into the soap with oil.
Store in a glass or plastic bottle

and for the ones who don't have the patients to make the soap but want to try it out here are a few sites

and these sites are economy efficient {lol} the prices vary from $4 to $30 happy shopping bloggers

This is my skin before using the LAVENDER soap (OILY)

*What I did was before I cleasned my face with the soap I wipe my face with a warm damp towel and usually use a white wash cloth because I like to see my work and results

*I lather the soap on the rag and cleanse my face

*Let it sit on my face for a little while

*And rinse my face with cold water so that my pores can close

This is the effect after the use of the soap

To me I can see a difference instantly
Afterwards I just moisturize with baby lotion to look in the moisture and keep my pores tight and closed so that any grease or what not collect in my face

*side note*
I have contest in the works more details will be coming along soon .... so keep in touch for more info


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