Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sowwies .... playing around


Ok y'all I know that I haven't posted anything in a while but I'm back lol and just in time for the holidays ..... Also let me apologize for my head scarf in advance but I didn't feel like doing my hair after playing in my make up but any who tryin new looks so tell what ya think

I know I'm lame but I am so excited about my palette I only have 3 slots left until its full I am so anxious to continue filling this palette and move on to the next one

So I am trying something new I really don't wear make up to my brow but I wanted to see how it would look on me and I tried 2 different looks and a few colors which I will name through out the blog but let me know what you all think your comments really matter.

As a base color I used sweet sage(mac)a fluid line but the color is absolutely gorgeous then I used bitter(mac) and bright sunshine(mac) on the lid. Then I blended with some colors from a cover girl palette which I have no idea what the colors are. Then I used Tippy (mac) for the blush and pink nouveau (mac) on my lips but I like to use carmax before I use the lipstick it just looks better to me lol

sweet sage Bright Sunshine

Bitter Tippy

The cover girl palette

My lipstick I used was pink nouveau

Pink nouveau Carmax

**** Excuse my husband in the background lol *****

Here is the 2nd look just playing around trying to see what I could do with my new pigment
I used another fluid line as a base color blue peep (mac) and cool heat (mac). Then I blended with a pink pigment fuchisa (mac). I even used the blue peep and cool heat on my lower eye. I also used snob (mac) along with the carmax.

Blue peep Fuchisa

Cool Heat


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