Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MY 21st BDAY!


My 21st birthday was August 3rd .... lmbo ... but ii started celebrating the Friday before because my fiance came in from TEXAS bay bay ... along with 4 of his friends to help me celebrate the right way .... it started with a night of fun and shopping lol ... went to a local mall and got a few things to wear out since I'm a house bum lol ... It was tax free weekend so I was all happy about not having to pay to much for stuff for my bday

This dress was really hot I didn't get to wear because me being the weirdo I wanted to make up my outfit

This isn't the first skirt I had my eye on but the my first choice was the last in the store and they didn't want to take it off the dummy for me I was so upset but I got over it

(Barbie ♥ , Me , Zera)

SO yea I didn't wear the skirt as a skirt I made it into a dress ... everyone thought I bought it as one I loved it my shoes you can't see in any of my pictures but I had some black Jessica Simpson heels they are so the bomb they were like 6 inches ... so after getting dressed we took shots of P.diddy's alcohol .... Ciroc ... me personally I'm a patron kind of girl that's why I have the tattoo lol .... but I tried its not horrible but it's not my cup of tea ... the bottle is nice though

So the night didn't start out to great ... the lines were to damn long at the clubs ... but I guess that was because we left s damn late ... but eventually we found a club it wasn't that bad

So the next morning they wanted waffle house which you all know I work there so I was not having that .... the shopping continued ... nothing big happened the next day Sunday my fiance's friends left and we spent the day together ....

MONDAY! was my official birthday .... the beginning of the day started with a million and one phone calls ( Thank you all!) ... next was stone mountain park ... for some good bar -b- que ... and might I add it was yummy

Later we went to Benihana's .... its a Japanese Hibachi restaurant ... and it was soooooooo good

The parentals

Me and John (my fiance)

The guy was like flipping the shrimp tales in his hat and his shirt it was funny
I was being such a dork like a little kid who hasn't had much lol
But all in all I had fun and enjoyed my weekend and birthday

This tasted like the juice from the green beans have a very unique taste
My god mom and my boo (john)

There was another girl there who's bday was the same day and she gave me a piece of her cookie cake and John ate it all I got like a lil small piece


Kendall said...

Look at you posting FOOD PORN!!!!! Happy B-day Ke'Ke!!! Glad your 21 now so when I come down I don't have to sneak you into the clubs!!!!! Cute outfits!!! I'm a fashionista in my head :(.....

xxxx said...

ciroc is the ish.. you should of tried nuvo though.. could drink that stuff like juice and i never been to benihanas but my mom went there for her birthday and loved it.. happy belated

Ke said...

I didn't really care for ciroc to much .... as far as nuvo go ii havent it yet but i'm sure i'll get to it .... and benihanna's is so the bomb you have got to go ... and thanks for the bday wishes

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